My name is Benjamin John, I’m a Catholic Christian with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Religious Studies. Everything I write is an attempt to strengthen the faith of God’s people, and share with others the beauty that I’ve come to know in Christ and His Word.

If you’re interested in why I hold the convictions I do, check out this interview I did on the Catholic Brothers’ YouTube channel, “Orthodox Christian Blogger Converts to Catholicism!,” and the following articles I’ve written:

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

This article goes over one of main reasons (though not the only) why I’m a Christian. I truly believe that the physical resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is the best historical explanation for the claims made by the original eye witnesses of His ministry. My argument for Christ’s resurrection is based entirely on the reliability and truthfulness of the Gospel accounts, and as such, it tends to cover a lot more ground than standard apologetic arguments do.

Apostolic Succession in the Early Church.”

Once it’s been established that Christianity is true, the next question is naturally, which version? This article explains why I believe that only the churches that retain material apostolic succession, e.g. Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy, Assyrian Church of the East, and Anglicanism, are in the running for “true Christianity.” If a divinely instituted hierarchy, one with transferable sacerdotal power, is necessary for being a valid Church, then almost all forms of Protestantism can be discounted as illegitimate versions of the Christian faith.

St. Peter: The Rock of the Church,” “Papal Infallibility in the First Millennium.”

After arriving at the so-called Apostolic Churches, one now has to choose between them. In this article, I explain why I believe that the Roman Catholic Church alone retains the specific hierarchical government established by Jesus Christ. While the various Eastern Churches, and some Anglicans, can claim that they possess apostolic succession, and even some kind of Petrine succession, none of them truly have the Petrine office that was established by our Lord at Caesarea Philippi.

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I have been following our Lord Jesus Christ in the classical Christian tradition for the past six years. This blog is simply a place where I can record some of the insights I have gained while on my theological journey.


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